インターンシップ日記 Day 4 : Translation

投稿者: Sirin 投稿日時: 金, 03/11/2011 - 01:17

2011年3月10日 (木)
Today I was continuing to translate the video program.
Last semester I took a course of Statistical Approach to the International Flows of Information and Culture. I studied a theory called “Gatekeeping”, which is the theory in the process pf transforming a raw data into the broadcasting news.
This term was first used by the sociologist named Kurt Lewin in 1947 to describe food consuming habits of population. He used “Gatekeeping” to refer to those who prepare or transport food items because they act as gates, allowing food items to pass or hold back from population. Then in 1950, David Manning White applied the term to news production. He observed the news selection made by the decision of US editor at the Peoria Star in Illinois. He concluded that “Mr. Gates” was bias in their decisions of selecting the news to pass or hold from population. During the process what actually happened might be twist or blur.
Through free the video production workshops detailed in these 3 videos, people who participated in the course are required to have the basic skills of video production. When people have the abilities to create their show, they do not have to wait for Mr. Gates to analyzed and synthesized information for them. They can now transform the initial sources by being Mr. Gates themselves, show their diversity and various perspectives.
Today I was continuing to translate the video program.
Not only from Japanese language to English language, but also translate from one’s perspectives to the world of mine.
(OurPlanetTV Intern Sirin)