インターンシップ日記 Day 2 : Observe every moment

投稿者: Sirin 投稿日時: 水, 03/09/2011 - 01:16

2011年3月8日 (火)
Today there was a special interview program shooting at OurPlanetTV. I had the opportunity to learn the process how to produce the interview program, from the interview script form, setting, light setting, camera setting,…etc.
I felt what ‘Free Speech’, which is the core of OurPlanet-TV, is really like. By watching the production, I was inspired in various ways. It came up in my thought if there is a chance I would like to make my research presentation by shooting the video. Send the voice which can bring about the change.
My internship is a research internship, with this kind of internship I will be required to do a research for a particular company. OurPlanet-TV organization is the one for me. My research is to analyze the relationship between ‘identity’ and ‘the video program as a discourse’ within intercultural context of the workplace. My research result will be presented in the class as my graduated project.
My research question is “How the story in the video is created in Japan social construction process.”
I found that video documentaries the company produced can be recognized the same way as narrative, a video that is created in a constructive format, released through website tube acts also as mirror and torch, reflect identity and light up the way which society moves toward to, respectively, so I decided to do a research on the video of the company. Then, explore how the story in the video is created in social construction.
In order to collect the information of identity, I have to observe every moment, not only in the workplace but also outside, the contemporary Japanese society.
(OurPlanetTV Intern Sirin)