インターンシップ日記 Day 1 : Foreshadowing

投稿者: Sirin 投稿日時: 火, 03/08/2011 - 01:43

2011年3月7日 (月)
 The day before the first day of my internship, I was so excited to explore Tokyo, my new chapter of my life. What will my everyday city view be like. My feelings were mixed with curiosity and nervous. After I got out of the bus from Akita to Tokyo, the first thing I did is to check my workplace out. As this is my first time being alone in Tokyo and Japan, I just wanted to be sure where the office located in, to be sure that I will be on time and would not get lost.
I was very pleased to find the place where I aimed to, NS building 2nd floor, "OurPlanet-TV". At that moment, I went to my accommodation with relieved.
After that, I thought it would be nice to go to the oldest temple of Tokyo as it is not far from my living place and I could pray for my luck. Unfortunately, at Asakusa temple, some hints and clues, which suggest what will happen later, shown up on my hands, the Japanese fortunetelling, it said even when I look up for the moon it will be clouded. I leaved what it told tired up in the place where all bad fortunetellings belong.
Then the time came, my starting day. Today it was snowing so hard.
I arrived my OurPlanet-TV. Firstly, we had a meeting, talking about what should I do, and what my interested is.
Then I got my table, at that moment I felt very pleased as my table (although it is only temporary space) told me there was a room for me. It was warmer inside after walking through the snowfall.
I went to the studio, the real place they used for shooting ABS News. After I went back to the office, I translated the document from Japanese to English.
For what the fortunetelling said yesterday, it is partly true. I found my Japanese skills as the most difficulty. I have to work hard, study hard, until the moment that the clouds flew away.
Thank you OurPlanet-TV for giving me the opportunity.
And see you tomorrow, Goodnight :)
(OurPlanetTV Intern Sirin)