インターンシップ日記 Day 4 : Translation

2011年3月10日 (木)
Today I was continuing to translate the video program.

インターンシップ日記 Day 3 : Watching US Media report

2011年3月9日 (水)
I am now responsible for the translation task from Japanese to English. There are 3 video programs on website OurPlannetTV which reported by U.S. Media. All three programs are about the Free Speech, Plublic Access media and Non-profit media organization in America.

インターンシップ日記 Day 2 : Observe every moment

2011年3月8日 (火)
Today there was a special interview program shooting at OurPlanetTV. I had the opportunity to learn the process how to produce the interview program, from the interview script form, setting, light setting, camera setting,…etc.

インターンシップ日記 Day 1 : Foreshadowing

2011年3月7日 (月)